How to Scrape Links from Search Engines

Are you wondering how you can scrape the important information from search engines? If yes, then you have landed on the right website. We will list all the tricks, tools & softwares that are currently being used for the scraping purposes.


The first and most goood software is Gscraper. This is fast as humingbird and strong as the eagle. Our brother Yashar have also written a Gscraper review that explains the bolts and every single detial of this tool.

The 2nd software is Scrapebox. It has been around for some good years & good old Imer’s call it the “Swiss knife of Internet Marketing”. Before, it was the only tool out there but then the Gscraper came out and took its place. The folks at Scrapebox are now working on taking the speed up to the par to take back its market share.

Jungle Heat Hack

If you are looking for a way to hack in this best strategy game, then you have to right place. We have found some of the best hack tools present in the market regarding to this particular game. ATM, there is only 1 working jungle heat hack in the market. If you are new to this game, then for your information: This is a battle game where you will have to use your strategy making skills a lot. Unlike other games in which you see old age weapons and technology.. This game focuses on modern warfare with all the latest weapons and even vehicles.

Now in this game, I have seen a lot of people struggling. All such people need is Jungle Heat Hack to get unlimited gold, diamond and other things. The website we have linked is currently the best source of hacking this game. I personally tested it and found very amazing. It is supported on Android & iOS platforms which means you can use it on your android mobile, iphone, ipad & so on.

The game is based on a story which is very interesting. You act as the commander of the forces & must free the people of a country. Those people are enslaved by the evil general and these people are rich too. Now you must go in there, free those people & also setup your own base. Like the other strategy games, you will have to build your base too. The jungle is rich in resources as well as rich people. The more people you will be able to free, their money will become your property too!

So are you ready to rule the jungle??? I am sure you want to totally dominate in this strategy game. The best way to do so is by downloading the cheat tool. I don’t know how long this tool will stay up. So you better go and download it ASAP.


Take a look at this video on YouTube:




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